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A Whole New World of Work: How Leaders Can Transform Their Organization and Build Trust for a Post-Covid Economy

Every leader in every organization and in every industry globally has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in some way, shape or form. No leader could have predicted or planned for such a massive business and cultural change in such a short period of time.  Most of the workforce programs and policies that were competitive advantages, like remote work, paid leave and employee assistance, have now become the new standard. New cultural norms have been created around safety, privacy, security, etiquette and dress. Multiple economies have been established between essential workers, remote workers and unemployed workers. Uncertainty has become the most common emotional feeling everyone is feeling, yet each individual has their unique experience, causing complexity and division.

While some workplace trends will have an everlasting impact on the workplace, others will fade, and the leaders who effectively manage this transformation will hold the most trust. The decisions that leaders make today will make or break their organizations. This crisis will unveil the employers who actually believe that talent is their greatest asset from those who just say it. During this virtual experience, New York Times bestselling author and Workplace Intelligence Managing Partner Dan Schawbel will explain how leaders can thrive during this time of uncertainty, re-imagine their workplace, and re-open their business with confidence.

You will learn:

  • The latest research reports highlighting the trends that all leaders need to be aware of in order to make smarter business decisions.
  • Innovative programs, policies and practices that the leading companies are adopting to sustain their revenues, support their workforce and stay competitive.
  • Why trust is the most important currency that all leaders, and their organizations, will trade on in winning the hearts and minds of all of their key stakeholders.
  • The steps leaders can take to create a safe, digital and effective environment for the post-covid workplace.

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

Technology has impacted our workplaces in ways that weren’t possible a decade ago. We feel “highly connected.” But are we, really? Instead of strong bonds, we have weak ties. Instead of productive meetings, we have distractions. Despite the illusion of 24/7 connection, in reality, most workers feel isolated from their colleagues, their organization and its leaders. What they crave most—and what research increasingly shows to be the hallmark of the highest-performing workplace cultures—is a sense of authentic connection with others. They want to get Back to Human. Dan Schawbel shows you how—while still optimizing all the benefits of technology.


  • Why the highest performing and healthiest teams are the ones that are the most connected.
  • How technology can negatively impact work relationships—and how to radically improve them.
  • How to recognize and support employees who feel isolated from the team.
  • How team connectivity impacts business outcomes and can increase loyalty and organizational commitment—and ways to encourage it.

The Future of Work: Top Trends Reshaping Business and How to Prepare for Them

With the increased adoption of new technologies, globalization, automation and ever-changing economic conditions, the modern workplace is in a state of flux. As a result, today’s companies are facing major challenges that will affect how they do business and compete for the best talent. For the past five years, Dan Schawbel has published an annual report of the top workplace trends, generating more than 800,000 views combined. The trends are selected based on primary research from his firm, secondary research from over 450 different sources and conversations with HR executives at Fortune 1000 companies. In this presentation, you will hear about the top workplace trends that will change the way you view your corporation, help you better prepare for the future and improve your talent management strategy.


  • About how each trend will impact your business now and in the future.
  • What companies have successfully navigated these trends with results from their programs.
  • Tips on how you can be at the forefront of trends and be competitive in your industry.
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Discover the 5 Workplace Trends You Need to Know About

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