The Marketplace

Our mission is to provide you with actionable research, insights and advice that will help you stay relevant and competitive in the ever evolving workplace. To do this, we have a variety of marketplace offerings that leverage intelligence from a global repository of experts, experience and data.

Expertise Exchange

Through our Expertise Exchange, gain access to our recommended experts that can help you solve your most pressing workplace needs using the $WORK cryptocurrency.

Weekly PLUS

Our Workplace Intelligence Weekly Plus email will keep you updated on the latest trends, while providing examples, insights and advice on how to react to them.

White Papers

Our annual Workplace Trends Forecast white paper cover the biggest trends impacting the workplace to help you and your company prepare for the future.


We offer a whole suite of online courses with video lessons, key takeaways, and quizzes, each designed to help you become a better, healthier, and more visible leader.