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Our Workplace Intelligence Weekly Plus email newsletter will keep you updated on the latest workplace trends, while providing examples, insights and advice on how to react to them. Since 2019, over 2 million people have received and benefitted from our Workplace Intelligence Weekly LinkedIn newsletter. PLUS brings you a more in-depth version of our LinkedIn newsletter with a deeper analysis and actionable steps to improve your business.

How PLUS will elevate your business and career

  • Learn about the biggest trends. We only cover the biggest trend of the week in each newsletter so you’re getting the most important information when you need it in an easy to read format.
  • Make better data-driven decisions. We both conduct our own proprietary research studies and aggregate data from over 450 secondary resources like Gallup, Gartner and McKinsey. This collection of data gives PLUS the edge in providing the most thorough insights and recommendations to you.
  • Benefit from actionable advice. We instruct our readers how to react to the workplace trends that are impacting their businesses the most with detailed advice and tips.
  • Get inspired by case studies and examples. In order to bring our trends to life, we pair the data with companies that are creating innovative programs and policies to illustrate how you can do the same.

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