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White Paper: AI at Work Study

AI at Work White Paper In this premium white paper, you will learn why the COVID-19 has created the most stressful year in history and negatively affected the mental health of the global workforce. The study found that workers would rather speak to a robot than their manager about stress and anxiety at work and

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White Paper: Student Employment Gap

Student Employment Gap White Paper In this premium white paper, you will understand what employers are looking for when recruiting for entry-level positions and internships. You will view information on the entry-level employment market, the types of students being sourced, the skills they are expecting from students, and the sources for hire. You will also

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White Paper: Gen Y & Facebook

Gen Y & Facebook White Paper In this premium research report, you will discover who Gen Y is and why they are important to your business, as both an employee and consumer. You will view a comparison between Gen Y and other generations, including Gen Z, Baby Boomers and Gen X. Then, you will read the

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