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“The workplace trends forecast is a go-to source for me.”
Sue Shellenbarger
Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Every year, Workplace Intelligence founder Dan Schawbel publishes his “Workplace Intelligence Forecast”, a set of the ten most important trends impacting employers for the upcoming year.

These trends are based on hundreds of conversations with human resource executives and workers, a series of national and global online surveys and secondary research from more than 450 different primary and secondary research sources, including think tanks, consulting companies, non-profits, the government and trade associations. The reports are published during the first week of November each year and have been read by over one million people since 2012.

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How Trends Are Captured

  • Primary research. We survey thousands of companies and employees annually on various HR topics, including training, diversity, recruiting, employee benefits and innovation.
  • Secondary research. We review third party studies from over 450 research sources, including consulting firms, associations and Universities. Some of sources include McKinsey, Harvard, SHRM, Accenture, Gallup and Pew Research.
  • Executive conversations. We hold ongoing conversations with leaders at a variety of companies to learn about the trends that are most impacting their business.

Workplace Trends Forecast By Year

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