Interview Series

Connect with your customers or prospects in a meaningful way

Build a stronger connection with your customers or prospects by having us interview them and create content that you can use to drive thought leadership and leads. Clients receive the video, audio, and written transcript files of the interviews to publish on their website and then we promote the content on their behalf to our audience of over 400,000 people. Workplace Intelligence founder, Dan Schawbel brings his experience interviewing the most successful people in the world to extract the most important information from your stakeholders.

Interview series examples

Perspectives on Remote Work
We interviewed 20 CEOs of small to mid-size companies to understand their perspectives on remote work for our client Airspeed. Then, we promoted the series on our platform and generated over 250,000 views. 

Perspectives on Employee Experience
We interviewed 5 HR executives to identify the challenges and opportunities around employee experience for our client LumApps. Then, we promoted the series on our platform and generated 82,000 views.

interview series process

  1. Our clients identify a topic, set of questions and then book guests (customers, prospects, executives, or influencers) for the series.
  2. We conduct a 15 to 30-minute conversational video interview with each participant.
  3. We send our clients the unedited video, audio and written transcript.
  4. Our clients use the content for create blogs, white papers and social media posts.
  5. We promote the content in our Workplace Intelligence Weekly newsletter and on social media.

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