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Our annual Workplace Trends Forecast white papers cover the biggest trends impacting the workplace to help you and your company prepare for the future. Since 2012, over a million leaders have relied our forecasts in order to make better workplace decisions for their businesses and careers.

How we capture workplace trends for our forecasts

  • Primary research. We survey thousands of companies and employees annually on various HR topics, including training, diversity, recruiting, employee benefits, and innovation. These studies are funded by companies such as Oracle, UKG and WeWork.
  • Secondary research. We review third party studies from over 450 research sources, including consulting firms, associations, and Universities. Some of the sources include McKinsey, Harvard, SHRM, Accenture, Gallup, and Pew.
  • Leader conversations. We hold ongoing conversations with executives across a variety of industries to learn about the trends that are most impacting their business.

What makes our premium white papers so valuable

  • We simplify the complex. There are thousands of studies, and even more news stories, published each year. We cut through the clutter to identify the most important ones to capture in our report.
  • We provide actionable advice. We don’t just provide a list of our prospectus on the biggest trends, but also tangible advice to ensure that you know how to react and/or take advantage of those trends.
  • We connect the dots. Many of the workplace trends that we uncover are connected to each other in some way. We ensure you understand how they are interrelated and paint a broader picture for you.

Workplace Trends Forecast

White Papers

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