White Papers

We write, design and promote white papers that get read by your buyers

Our white papers are used by our clients as a pre-sales marketing tool to establish authority, generate leads, and influence buying decisions. Each white paper is written and designed to be read and acted upon. We establish a persuasive narrative by including primary research, secondary sources, and customer or prospect interviews. Then, we enhance the paper by including visuals like graphs, charts and photos. 

Our white paper creation and distribution process

  1. Strategy: We work with our clients to identify the best way to tell their workplace story  in white paper form, such as incorporating a white paper into a research campaign or interviewing their customers or prospects.
  2. Outline: We build an outline of the narrative, with key messages, statistics, and quotes before writing the white paper to ensure alignment.
  3. Creation: We turn the outline into a 1,500-word white paper.
  4. Design: We take our client’s design guidelines and apply them to the written white paper to create a polished product.
  5. Promotion: We promote our client’s white papers to our 400,000+ audience between our Workplace Intelligence Weekly newsletter and social media.
  6. Measurement: We collect and report all the data from the promotion campaign, including clicks, views, reactions, shares, and comments.

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