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"We couldn’t be more pleased with the buzz surrounding the first worldwide study comparing Gen Y and Gen Z in terms of workplace expectations. We look forward to utilizing this information to for many years to come and help guide employers on what is truly needed to attract and retain this up and coming generation."
– Vice President, Content, Social & Marketing Innovation, Randstad

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Workplace Intelligence has partnered with leading corporations to release new proprietary research covering every aspect of the workplace in order to help HR professionals stay ahead of the latest trends and adapt to them. Since 2012, we’ve worked with leading companies like American Express, Randstad, and PayScale to conduct dozens of research studies that have impacted both HR professionals and beyond.

Our research shapes the global conversation on a variety of the most important topics impacting how we hire, engage and grow our talent. Our studies and partners have been highlighted in the media including NBC’s “The Today Show”, TIME, The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune and CBS News.


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“The purpose of his book is to show how to reach the same dopamine hits through fulfillment and feedback at work, as we get from 'likes' on a Facebook post.”
– The Financial Times
"A smart, practical guide on navigating the world of work."
– USA Today
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– Washington Post

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