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For the past decade, we’ve published our popular Workplace Intelligence Forecast of the top 10 workplace trends that will impact how we work and live for the upcoming year. The purpose is to help businesses prepare for the future and equip workplace professionals with the insights they need to drive their organizations forward.  The Forecast has been read by over 2 million people since 2013. 

How we choose workplace trends to cover

These trends are based on hundreds of conversations with human resource executives and workers, a series of national and global online surveys, and secondary research from more than 450 different primary and secondary research sources, including think tanks, consulting companies, non-profits, the government, and trade associations. The trends are further refined and validated through speaking and consulting engagements. 

The reports are published during the first week of November. 

Starting in 2024, companies will be able to sponsor the annual Workplace Intelligence Forecast, which will be a 1,500-word professionally designed report.

“The workplace trends forecast is a go-to source for me.”
– Sue Shellenbarger

Each sponsor will receive the following

  • Logo on the report cover page. 
  • Company information on the last page. 
  • Summary in LinkedIn newsletter with brand mention. 
  • Insider newsletter dedicated email blast. 
  • Landing page with form and logo for lead generation. 
  • Social sharing on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additional promotional opportunities

  • Interviews with company executives, clients, or prospects. 
  • Webinar based on the report. 
  • Email promotion from partner companies and/or influencers. 
  • Targeted advertising campaign on LinkedIn and/or Google.
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