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If you want to reach your target buyer, build thought leadership and position your company as a solution provider of choice, our Workplace Intelligence Weekly LinkedIn Newsletter and Insider Email Newsletter provide a platform for you to reach our growing audience of workplace decision makers. 

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  1. We brainstorm a topic that is both aligned to our clients business and relevant to a current conversation happening in the marketplace. 
  2. Our clients send us information about their company, as well as any customer case studies or content they’d like to promote. 
  3. We create an outline of the article for our clients to review before writing the full piece.
  4. We write the newsletter, which cites our client and has a tracking link to a landing page of their choice.
  5. We publish the article based on the assigned week (we publish every Monday morning) that is mutually agreed upon.
  6. After a week of publication, we report back all the key article metrics, including views, reactions, shares and comments.

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