We offer a suite of online courses with video lessons, key takeaways and quizzes to help you become a better, healthier and more visible leader. Learn the skills you need to unlock your leadership potential by following our best practices from years of experience, research and conversations with executives at the biggest companies in the world.

Hybrid Working

Learn how to manage, collaborate, and lead in a hybrid work environment, while creating a culture of inclusion and equity. Using real-world examples and key findings from Workplace Intelligence research, you’ll be able to navigate the modern hybrid workplace successfully.

How to Support Flexible Work as a Manager

Figure out how to make flexibility work even in unique or challenging environments. Learn how to assess your readiness to support flexible work policies and select the right type of arrangement for your employees and business. You’ll also discover what it takes to optimize performance and employee satisfaction within a flexible work model.

Managing Your Well-Being
as a Leader

Improve your well-being as a leader so that you can be mentally and emotionally healthy when you manage your team. Learn how to set well-being goals, create boundaries and create the routines and rituals that will make you a highly effective leader.

Emerging Leader

Become the leader your organization needs by learning how to manage yourself, hire and coach employees, and create a diverse and collaborative workplace. Over 120,000 students have benefitted through 50 minutes of video, chapter quizzes, and a certificate of completion.

Build Your Personal Brand in 4 Easy Steps

The brand building guide to learning how to discover, create, communicate and maintain your brand for career & success with 2.5 hours of on-demand video, a certificate of completion and a lifetime access.