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Bring Workplace Intelligence founder and New York Times bestselling author, Dan Schawbel to your next customer event, leadership summit or conference to benefit from his knowledge and inspiration on the world of work. Schawbel has spoken at prestigious events such as The New York Times DealBook Conference, Bloomberg’s Business of Equality Summit, SHRM, ATD, WorkHuman and The Conference Board.

Popular Keynote Presentation Topics

The Top Trends Shaping the Global Workplace With the increased adoption of new technologies, automation, and an ever-disruptive global economy, the modern workplace is in a state of flux. As a result, today’s companies are facing major challenges that will affect how they do business and compete for the best talent. In this presentation, you will hear the top workplace trends that will change the way you view your corporation, help you better prepare for the future, and improve your talent management strategy. You will learn what each trend means for your business, case studies from companies who are already implementing programs to take advantage of these changes, and tips on how your organization can be at the forefront of this new movement. For the past ten years, Schawbel has published an annual list of workplace trends. The trends are selected based on primary research from Schawbel’s firm, secondary research from hundreds of different sources, and conversations with his network of executives. YOU WILL LEARN:
  • Learn about the workplace approaches that companies are implementing.
  • Hear why workers are demanding more from employers like safety, security, and flexibility
  • Listen to how the relocation of workers outside of major cities has given rise to localized compensation
  • Understand how technologies are scaling to meet the mental health needs of workers

Navigating the AI Revolution: Transforming the Modern Workplace

In this keynote presentation, we will explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the modern workplace and how organizations can navigate this transformative journey effectively. From streamlining processes to enhancing decision-making and redefining job roles, AI is reshaping every aspect of work as we know it. Through real-world examples, practical insights, and actionable strategies, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by AI and how to harness its potential to drive innovation, productivity, and growth in their organizations. 


  • Learn about the various applications of AI in the workplace, including automation, predictive analytics, and natural language processing, and how these technologies are revolutionizing traditional work processes and workflows. 
  • Explore the ethical and social implications of AI adoption in the workplace, including concerns related to privacy, bias, and job displacement, and gain insights into best practices for mitigating risks and ensuring responsible AI use. 
  • Discover strategies for building a future-ready workforce that can thrive in an AI-driven environment, including reskilling and upskilling initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, and promoting collaboration between humans and machines to maximize productivity and innovation.

Hybrid Work: The Actions and Strategies to Navigate the Modern Workplace
The workplace has transitioned from a 9-to-5 on-site model to a flexible hybrid one. As a result, companies have been forced to accelerate technological change and to support both office and remote environments, all while maintaining an inclusive workplace culture. In this inspirational and educational keynote, New York Times bestselling author and foremost workplace expert Dan Schawbel demystifies the hybrid work model based on his proprietary research of 2,000 executives and employees. Using case studies and real-world examples, Dan helps companies make better hybrid work decisions—from managing employees to promoting a corporate culture that will increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention—ultimately helping organizations move into the hybrid future with informed confidence. Audiences will walk away with research and practical tactics on how to evolve their work model when implementing critical changes to their benefit offerings, hiring practices, and collaborative approaches. Organizations come to Dan when they need to know how to react to monumental shifts in the workplace ecosystem to be prepared for what’s next in the modern economy.

You will learn:

  • How companies from a variety of industries are implementing the hybrid model. 
  • Technology’s role in maximizing productivity and connectivity with hybrid. 
  • Understand the top skills that are required to be effective across work environments.
  • How to inspire and support your workers in office, remote, and hybrid environment.

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation
Technology has impacted our workplaces in ways that weren’t possible a decade ago. We feel “highly connected.” But are we, really? Instead of strong bonds, we have weak ties. Instead of productive meetings, we have distractions. Despite the illusion of 24/7 connection, in reality, most workers feel isolated from their colleagues, their organization and its leaders. What they crave most—and what research increasingly shows to be the hallmark of the highest-performing workplace cultures—is a sense of authentic connection with others. They want to get Back to Human. Dan Schawbel shows you how—while still optimizing all the benefits of technology.


  • Why the highest performing and healthiest teams are the ones that are the most connected.
  • How technology can negatively impact work relationships—and how to radically improve them.
  • How to recognize and support employees who feel isolated from the team.
  • How team connectivity impacts business outcomes and can increase loyalty and organizational commitment—and ways to encourage it.

Total Well-being: How Organizations Can Create a Healthier and More Resilient Workforce
Over the past few years, leaders and their employees have experienced an immense amount of physical and mental trauma due to the global pandemic. And although the mass acceptance of remote work has given employees more freedom and flexibility, it has come with a significant cost to their well-being. 

The situation is so dire that millions of workers have quit or switched jobs due to burnout, poor work-life balance, and other factors affecting their quality of life. In fact, today’s employees prioritize their health and total well-being more than ever before when making employment decisions. And with the Great Resignation showing no signs of slowing down, there’s never been a more pressing time for organizations to pay attention to this trend. 

In this timely and imperative keynote, New York Times bestselling author and foremost workplace expert Dan Schawbel helps organizations learn how to reimagine workplace well-being, so they can not only retain their staff but also unlock their true potential at work. Using his firm’s proprietary research as well as case studies and practical examples, he explains the direct relationship between employee well-being and organizational success. Dan helps organizations recognize the importance of taking care of all aspects of employee well-being and helping people overcome the many challenges that prevent them from bringing their best self to work. 

Organizations come to Dan when they need to know how to react to monumental shifts in the workplace ecosystem to be prepared for what’s next in the modern economy. Well-being is already at the forefront of the new movement to a better and more human workplace — is your organization ready for what’s next?


  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of well-being, including the physical, mental, social, and financial dimensions. 
  • Learn how employee needs and expectations around well-being have evolved over the past few years, and how this has impacted organizations. 
  • Discover the tools and best practices for supporting your people in the new era of remote and hybrid working, with a special focus on how technology can alleviate employee isolation, loneliness, and burnout. 
  • Learn how to create a culture of psychological safety, where employees feel they can freely talk about their well-being issues.

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