LinkedIn Events

Showcase your expertise and elevate your brand on LinkedIn

We will host a LinkedIn live event where Workplace Intelligence founder, Dan Schawbel will interview your executive spokesperson on a relevant workplace topic. The event will consist of a 30-minute conversation followed by 15-minutes of audience Q&A moderated by Schawbel.

LinkedIn event process

  1. Clients decide on the theme, key messages, and an executive spokesperson.
  2. Clients identify their target audience for the event, and we send direct invitations through LinkedIn based on locations, current company, and industry demographics. 
  3. Client’s marketing and sales team may also invite current or prospective clients to attend.
  4. We schedule time with the spokesperson a few minutes before we broadcast the event to ensure there are no technology issues.
  5. During the interview, the spokesperson will be in a dialogue where they are asked questions for 30-minutes, followed by 15-minutes of questions from attendees. 
  6. Once the interview is complete, we will send a recording of it that our clients can repurpose as part of their content strategy, as well as the event campaign metrics.

Combine the LinkedIn event and newsletter offerings for maximum impact

It’s common for clients to combine both the Workplace Intelligence LinkedIn newsletter and  LinkedIn event offerings. When both are combined, the newsletter can become a Q & A with the executive spokesperson, which also serves to prep them for the event, where they will be asked the same questions. The newsletter is published on Mondays at 8:00 AM EST and events are typically held the same day at Noon EST so that the newsletter can promote the event.

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