Case Study: INTOO

We worked with INTOO on a study entitled “Unlocking Organizational Success by Supporting Employee Growth and Development” study in order to explore issues around employee engagement, toxic work environments, learning and development, and career development. Between November 19 and December 2, 2023, 1,600 U.S. HR leaders and employees were surveyed. The results uncovered how employers weren’t investing enough in employee career development and the struggle they face as a result. This was especially true for Gen Z, the fastest growing employee demographic that felt lost and unsupported.


“Workplace Intelligence has their pulse on the HR trends that matter. They are strategic consultants who manage the end-to-end process of conducting insightful research, surfacing key findings, and brand building through their media connections. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the years to come.”
– Vice President of Marketing, INTOO USA

Key Findings

  • 47% of Gen Z employees say they get better career advice from Artificial Intelligence, including ChatGPT, than they get from their manager. 
  • 25% of employees—and an alarming 44% of Gen Z—say they’ll likely quit within the next 6 months because their company doesn’t support their career development. 
  • 63% say their employer cares more about their productivity than their career development. 
  • 54% feel completely on their own at their organization when it comes to their career development.

Business Results

The study was featured in Harvard Business Review, Fortune, INC, CNBC, Business Insider, Forbes (x3), Fox Business, New York Post (x2), Yahoo! Finance, SHRM, Worklife News, CFO Magazine, Employee Benefit News, BNN (x3), People Management UK, Unleash, ReadWrite, HR Grapevine, and as LinkedIn’s “Top Story of the Week”.

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