Gen-Y Wants a Remote Workplace. Can you Deliver?

I recently wrote an article for TIME on the rise of the remote worker. The workplace is rapidly changing and young people are looking for more freedom and flexibility out of employers. According to a Cisco study, 70% of college students and young professionals don’t feel that it’s necessary to work at an office anymore. More and more employers are allowing workers to telecommute because it saves them money and because they are demanding it. Studies show that 45% of the U.S. workforce now has a job that’s suitable for full-time or part-time telecommuting. A new study by the software company Wrike shows that 83% of employees work remotely at least part of the day. There are millions of people already who work from home and that number will grow in the future.

A lot of big companies have to make big decisions about how they manage remote workers. Companies are used to the command and control protocol that has existed in the workplace for decades. The problem is that it’s becoming harder to justify a 9 to 5 office day when we have the technology to allow us to work from anywhere at any time. Using tools such as Skype video conferencing, instant messaging and Google+ hangouts, you can maintain relationships and productivity. Workers want to be trusted by management to do their jobs. Managers don’t want to give up control. We at Millennial Branding feel that there will be a new employment contract that allows everyone to work remotely in the future. We are moving into an ROI world in which all that matters is that workers deliver results on projects that matter to the company.

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