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Every year since 2013, Workplace Intelligence founder Dan Schawbel has published his “Workplace Trends Forecast”, a set of the 10 most important trends impacting employers for the upcoming year. These trends are based on hundreds of conversations with CEOs, HR executives, and workers, a series of national and global online surveys, and secondary research from more than 450 different primary and secondary research sources, including think tanks, consulting companies, non-profits, the government, and trade associations.

The workplace trends forecast is a go-to source for me.”
Sue Shellenbarger, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

While the report is published every November 1st, for 2020 Workplace Intelligence will be hosting a very special live preview of the report on October 27th at 1:00 PM EST highlighting the top 10 trends for 2021. You can expect an overview of each trend with new research, examples, and case studies for a deeper dive into why they are important and how to manage them.

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