Dan Schawbel

Case Study: Experience, Inc.

We worked with Experience, Inc. on the Student Employment Gap study in order to identify issues in the college hiring process, what skills they are looking for, sources for hire and more. We surveyed 225 US employers out of a pool of over 100,000 employers. Experience, Inc. is a network that connects employers with Gen-Y talent.

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White Paper: Student Employment Gap

Student Employment Gap White Paper In this premium white paper, you will understand what employers are looking for when recruiting for entry-level positions and internships. You will view information on the entry-level employment market, the types of students being sourced, the skills they are expecting from students, and the sources for hire. You will also

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Gen-Y Wants a Remote Workplace. Can you Deliver?

I recently wrote an article for TIME on the rise of the remote worker. The workplace is rapidly changing and young people are looking for more freedom and flexibility out of employers. According to a Cisco study, 70% of college students and young professionals don’t feel that it’s necessary to work at an office anymore. More and more employers

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