Case Study: Randstad

We worked with Randstad on the first worldwide study comparing Gen Y and Gen Z workplace expectations in order to understand the upcoming generations and their impact on the world of work. The research gave insight into the work incentives that would best attract these generations, the types of technology they use, their preferred leadership styles and how they evaluate each other.


“This was our first time partnering with Millennial Branding and we couldn’t be more pleased with the buzz surrounding the first worldwide study comparing Gen Y and Gen Z in terms of workplace expectations. As one of the largest HR services and staffing organizations in the world, we firmly believe in the power behind research to better understand the various needs and preferences of the multiple generations sitting next to one another in the workplace. We look forward to utilizing this information to for many years to come and help guide employers on what is truly needed to attract and retain this up and coming generation.”

– Lesly Cardec, Sr. Director, PR & Content Marketing, Randstad

Key findings

  • Gen Z respondents say they prefer in-person communications with managers (51%), as opposed to emailing (16%) or instant messaging (11%).
  • Only 28% of Gen Z said money would motivate them to work harder and stay with their employer longer, as opposed to 42% of Gen Y.
  • 17% of Gen Z vs. 11% of Gen Y wants to start a business and hire others.

Business results

Mainstream media coverage: The research report was launched on September 3rd, 2013 and received coverage in over 15 media outlets, including CNBC “Closing Bell”, TIME, Business Insider, Inc., Fox Business, AOL Jobs, Human Resource Executive, SHRM, CBS News, The Globe And Mail, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business News Daily, San Francisco Chronicle,  Marketing Profs, HR Magazine UK,, Metro US, and Yahoo! Finance.

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