Case Study:

We worked with on the “Multi-Generational Job Search” study in order to compare and contrast the job search behavior of different generations. The study helps recruiters understand how to best target individual age groups. 5,268 job seekers were surveyed total, including 742 Gen Y (18-29-year-olds), 1,676 Gen X (30-47) and 2,850 Baby Boomers (48-67). is The Career Network focused on helping people grow and succeed professionally.


“We were excited when Millennial Branding approached us about working together on “The Multi-Generational Job Search Study”. As The Career Network, Beyond is constantly striving to better understand job seekers and professionals so that we can help them progress in their career, and this initiative enabled meaningful insight to how individuals from different generations are thinking about their career and their future. Working with Millennial Branding to capture this information was a great experience and they did an exceptional job pitching the study and securing coverage with many impressive outlets. Teaming with their group was seamless and we were delighted that they initiated this relationship.”

– Julie Shenkman, Manager, Marketing Communications,

Key findings

  • Baby Boomers use social networks as part of their job search (29%) over Gen X (27%) and Gen Y (23%).
  • 65% of Boomers feel like they suffer from age discrimination, followed by only 22% of Gen X and 21% of Gen Y.
  • 25% of Boomers have a job search of over a year, followed by 17% of Gen X and 10% of Gen Y.
  •  72% of Gen X, followed by 69% of Baby Boomers and 61% of Gen Y have suffered in this way.
  • 87% of Baby Boomers choose job boards as the resource they turn to first in a job search, followed by 82% of Gen X and 77% of Gen Y.

Business results

Mainstream media coverage: The research report was launched on September 14th, 2012 and received coverage in various media outlets, including TIME, CNBC, Fox Business, MarketWatch, & the IDG Network, The Huffington Post,, Human Resource Executive, US News & World Report, Forbes, Upstart Business Journal, Metro US, MediaBistro, and others.

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