Case Study: Deloitte Financial Services

We worked with the Deloitte Center for Financial Services on “Employee Engagement in Financial Services” study to understand issues around work arrangements, engagement, belonging, industry sentiments, remote workplace impact, career advancement, manager evaluation, employee expectations, reasons for possibly leaving, and work-life balance.  In April 2023, 700 full-time executives with job titles of manager or equivalent and above, exclusive of CXO officers, in U.S. financial services organizations were surveyed.


“Working with Workplace Intelligence on our Cultivating employee engagement in financial services project has been a great experience and one that we look forward to continuing! Dan and his team were collaborative and integral to uncovering some truly insightful findings and were indelibly linked to our successful media campaign.”
– Senior Strategy & Operations Leader, Deloitte Center for Financial Services

Key Findings

  • 66% of financial services leaders likely to leave jobs if required to work 5-days in an office. 
  • Leaders with caregiving responsibilities surveyed were 1.3 times more likely than non-caregivers to say they’d leave their organization if their company eliminated their ability to work remotely. 
  • 62% of respondents say they would prefer to work remotely more often but feel it would be bad for their career. 
  • 45% of women respondents in senior leadership roles report being likely to leave their current employer over the next year.

Business Results

The study was featured in Reuters, Financial times (x2), Fortune (x3), Yahoo! Finance (x2), Business Insider (x2), Bloomberg (x2), Fast Company (x2), World Economic Forum,  Newsweek, Fox Business, Forbes, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Yahoo! News, San Francisco Chronicle, Employee Benefit News, Investment News, Banking Drive, CFO, Staffing Industry Analysts, Journal of Accountancy, TechTarget, Psychology Today, HR Brew, The Human Times, Globe Street, LinkedIn News, and Black Enterprise.

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