Case Study: oDesk

We worked with oDesk on the “Millennials & The Future of Work” study in order to learn about millennial views on entrepreneurship, their career paths and the future of work. For the study, 3,193 freelancers were sampled worldwide, including almost 2,000 Millennials.


“Millennial Branding combines a powerful understanding of the Millennial generation with a keen awareness of the major forces impacting professionals today. We worked together closely on a study that not only resulted in a wave of media coverage but will also help inform our business strategy moving forward. At every turn, Millennial Branding brought rich insight to the table, combining years of prior research with our fresh data in order to paint an invaluable full picture. In addition to its expertise and influence, the firm’s commitment and professionalism exceeded expectations throughout.”

– Gary Swart, CEO, oDesk

Key findings

  • 90% view entrepreneurship as a mindset today instead of the role of a business owner.
  • 72% of freelancers “moonlighting” after regular work hours say they want to quit their full-time jobs to be entirely independent, and 62% say they’ll quit within 2 years.
  • 89% say they prefer to work when and where they choose versus in a corporate, 9 – 5 job.
  • 38% of millennials recommend pursuing a “promising start-up opportunity” versus completing a “traditional college degree.

Business results

Mainstream media coverage: The research report was launched on May 14th, 2013 and received coverage in over 20 media outlets, including BusinessWeek, Forbes, Inc., Miami Herald, Yahoo! Finance, Christian Science Monitor,, Business Insider, Young Entrepreneur, Vator News, GigaOm, LA Times,, CBS MoneyWatch, The Baltimore Sun, Small Business Trends and Upstart Business Journal. It also received global coverage in the UK (HR Magazine and City A.M.), Australia (Lifehacker, The Sydney Morning Herald) and Germany (Perspektive Mittelstand, Wall Street Journal). The announcement was shared 2,924 times on Facebook, 1,668 times on Twitter and 506 times on LinkedIn.

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